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Dale Earnhardt Race Car

In 2000 Peter Max designed a colorful car that was far different from the imposing black "The Intimidator" normally drove. Several different models of the car have been produced.

This is a model of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.'s special 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he raced in during the 2000 year at the AllState race in Charlotte, North Carolina. The paint colors and scheme were created by Peter Max.

This model car was made in 2002 by Winner's Circle. It is sized based on a 1:64 scale. As you can see from the pictures at least two different Winners Circle packages have been used. The second is from the Winner's Circle Deluxe Racehood series.

Winner's Circle also released this much larger version built on a 1:24 sized scale.

In 2004 Action released this larger model. The size is based on a 1:24 scale. Only 7500 were produced in this limited release. The "Action" model is also known as the "RCCA" model.

Richard Childress Racing released this model of the car. The size is a 1:32 scale.

Revell produced this diecast version on a 1:24 scale. Revell is one of the most famous companies producing diecast models.

In 2000 Action, in conjunction with GM Goodwrench Plus, produced this 1:64 scale model. This was a limited edition.

The Brookfield Collector's Guild released this rare 1:24 set. It features not only Dale Earnhardt's Peter Max car, but also an accompanying Peter Max styled trailer to transport the vehicle.

Elite made only 7500 of its collectors items. Of all the different versions this one has the classiest box to store and preserve your model.

Dale Earnhardt was one of the most popular NASCAR drivers of all time. He died in 2001 in a crash at the Daytona Speedway. When the crash occurred Dale Earnhardt was driving his signature black car and not the colorful Peter Max version.

Peter Max Dale Earnhardt Cap

The official, and hard to find Peter Max Dale Earnhardt hat. Adjustable in size it features Goodwrench Service Plus on the back.

Made in 2000, it references Peter Max and his website on the side. On the colorful front is a large number 3 for Dale Earnhardt.

Continental Airlines 777

Peter Max designed this colorful Boeing 777. The brightly colored plane was flown by Continental Airlines until 2007.

This model was created for collectors. On a 1:400 scale it depicts the Continental 777 and the color scheme from Peter Max. The model is made by Phoenix.

Twice as large, this 1:200 scale model was produced by JC Wings.

A much smaller model, built on a 1:500 scale model was sold by Herpa Wings.

Continental Airlines was founded in 1934 and for many years was a popular choice for flying. However, in 2010 the company was acquired by United Airlines and in 2013 Continental as a separate brand ceased to exist.

Peter Max Puzzles

Peter Max's design is on this 1967 puzzle called Prism Kaleidoscope. Five hundred pieces big and the puzzle is almost twenty and one-half inches in diameter when completed. This type of artwork was popular in the late 1960s.

If you wanted to know what some of these designs are supposed to depict, check out the descriptive back of the puzzle box:

Symmetrical groups of women-faces amidst changing, brilliant, prism colors, radiating out in concentric circles, reminding one of those circles created by throwing a pebble into a pool of still water.

The Umbrella Man picture is the basis for this five hundred piece jigsaw puzzle.

Called Light Years this puzzle was created in 1999. It is very large, consisting of one thousand pieces. When completed it measures three feet by two feet in size.

Also from 1999 is this set of three puzzles with Peter Max designs. Each measures twenty inches by sixteen inches. The three different puzzles are called Love, Sunrise, and Year of 2250.

A much easier, and smaller puzzle is this one - Sailing New Worlds. It only has one hundred pieces and the mini puzzle measures nine inches by seven inches when finished.

Another mini, one hundred piece puzzle is this orange heart. It was also produced in 1999.

Cosmic Birthday is the subject of this one hundred piece mini puzzle. Made in 1999.

Magic Moment is the fun title for this mini one hundred piece jigsaw puzzle. Also from 1999 and measuring nine by seven inches when completed.

The name this mini one hundred piece jigsaw puzzle is Vase Sketch. Also nine by seven inches from 1999.

This colorful but large one thousand piece puzzle is from the Rio Earth Summit. Produced in 1999 by Ceaco. The final finished puzzle measures twenty-seven inches by twenty inches in size.

Called Instant Nutriment, this is another one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle that is twenty-seven inches by twenty inches when complete. It was also made in 1999.

This vintage Peter Max puzzle was produced in 1967, Called Carousel Mindflowers the puzzle is a little more than twenty inches square when finished.

The description of the artwork for thepuzzle, from Peter Max:
Flowers at the center, opening, quadrupling themselves into different variations of this floral theme and art nouveau swirl patterns. A merry-go-round of soft, very feminine pastel-chiffon color.

Peter Max Swimming Pool Supplies

While swimming pool supplies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Peter Max (it wasn't for us), if you really want to get everything by Peter Max, or want to liven up you pool with colorful products you need anyway, these hard to find items may be what you are looking for.

Vintage originals from the 1960s, from Mego, there is a twenty-four inch beach ball, and twenty inch swim ring, and sixteen by thirty-two inch floating love seat.

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