Peter's birth name is Peter Max Finkelstein.

Max was born in Berlin.

Max's family fled Nazi Germany for China when he was a year old.

Peter was sixteen when he first arrived in the United States.

Max has lived in Germany, China, Israel, France, and the US.

Peter when to high school in Brooklyn, New York.

Peter received art training at the Art Students League of New York.

Max did not go to college.

Peter's mother was a fashion designer in Germany.

Besides art, Peter's other great love is astronomy.


Some of Max's most famous works involve the Statue of Liberty.

Peter's works have appeared on US postage stamps.

Max was born in 1937. Pictures he releases of himself are from a much younger age.

Peter began loving American pop culture while in China, before coming to the US.

Max's vibrant psychedelic colors were in tune with the 1960s.

Peter received art training from George Bridgeman, an anatomist. Anatomy rarely plays a role in Max's works.

Max obtained popular success making posters 1960s college students bought in droves.

Max has appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.

Max was once featured on the cover of Life magazine.

Max has done paintings for numerous Presidents.


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