Welcome to Peter Max Mania, where our crazy goal is to catalog every Peter Max work.

Peter Max is an iconic artist. A rock star of painters during the 1960s with his psychelic colored works that helped make him a household name.

Max is known for his colorful works, including his many depictions of the Statue of Liberty.

His artistic reach, bio, and portfolio is staggering:

6 US Presidents have requested his services. He has produced stamps for the US Postal Service, and been commissions by dozens of companies.

He has been the official artist for:

* 5 Super Bowls

* The World Series

* US Olympic Team

* US Open

* World Cup USA

* Indianapolis 500

* Kentucky Derby

* New York City Marathon

Even huge Boeing 777 airplanes have been painted by Peter Max!

Welcome to the colorful world of Peter Max and the largest compendium of his works. Have fun exploring our many web pages. You cannot go wrong buying a Peter Max work for your home or office.


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