Peter Max Clock

A Peter Max clock? Probably not the first product you would think of, but why not?

These are cool, groovy, unique ... and collectible.

First are pictures of a couple clocks we have seen, followed by listings of clocks available today.

This rare Peter Max Snooz-Alarm Clock was made by General Electric Co.

A real collectible from the 1960s. It has the "AURA" pattern in black and the box features psychedelic graphics from Peter Max,

Made in 1968 by GE, the Flower Girl clock is a psychedelic hippy culture design.

Now it just looks cool.

This is fun!

About sixteen inches wide, this retro 1970's 7-Up clock was designed by Peter Max. Never content with just one color, there are layers of yellow, orange, pink, blue and green.

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Extremely Rare Wall Clock

Trivia: Max's family fled Nazi Germany for China when he was a year old.

Peter Max, Clock (Pattern of Young Girl with Flowers), General Electric Clock

Peter Max, Clock (Victorian Women in Pattern), General Electric Clock

Working CLOCK SIGNED IN PERSON Psychedelic POP ART Great  Hipster Gift

Peter Max, Clock (Green with Orange Daisies), General Electric Clock

Trivia: Max did not go to college.

Vintage Peter Max "Circa 1890" General Electric Pop Culture Wall Clock

Vintage Peter Max "Flower Girl" General Electric Pop Culture Wall Clock

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Peter Max Clock


1968 - Psychedelic Clocks - GENERAL ELECTRIC Art - VINTAGE AD

Trivia: Max has appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.

1968 Peter Max psychedelic art General Electric clock vintage print ad

Vintage Peter Max GE Round Retro Wall Clock 1968 Pop Art Bright Psychedelic Pink

Peter Max, Vintage Clock (Green with Orange Daisies), General Electric Clock

Trivia: Peter began loving American pop culture while in China, before coming to the US.

Peter Max Communication Liberation Minspeak Poster 1991 Rainbow Rocket Clock Sun
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